who we are… what we do… and where we are going!

Who We Are… Get Real Utah is a Global-InterDirect Company. Your source for inspiration and information in digital, direct and affiliate marketing. We understand the value of growing a business and wealth building! As you claim or enter a new listing into the REAL Directory; you are actually developing Real Estate! Virtual Real Estate!

Developing Virtual Real Estate and growing a virtual presence is not only helpful as you work in your present job or search for goods and services. Developing Virtual Real Estate is affordable, wealth building, and can sustain your business and lifestyle through a crisis!

You may not have established or felt the need to have Virtual Real Estate in the past. But the new normal has granted each of us from a quick turn of events the importance of working on line. Diversifying businesses and lifestyles for economic and educational growth for our families and communities as a whole cannot be understated. It is essential!

There is sure to be a greater need and additional issues in our children’s lives. So what are you waiting for? The greater your presence and ability to network with others, the greater your opportunity for wealth building and financial stability.

At GET REAL UTAH; we understand that everything REAL is connected and a REAL connection is everything!

What We Do… . Get Real Utah is a Premium Domain; connecting community members; individuals, families, government, private sector organizations and businesses from start-up to Fortune 500 ventures!

At Get Real Utah; you can connect with members through a personal, family or business membership. You can grow your business, develop an online presence, network with other professionals, organizations and connect with companies that provide you with the goods and services that you need.! Get Real Utah establishes your unique presence in the network of Global- InterDirect!

As a member you keep your page up to date, provide business hours and specials, respond to reviews, post coupons, upload a video, pictures or be a guest on one of our upcoming podcasts! With GET REAL UTAH you can connect your personal, business, social medial links, and your own website! In addition to your Directory Listing, we offer premium advertising spots on our website, and opportunities for podcast sponsorships and guest opportunities in which you can further promote your goods and services. Serious about earning; join as an Affiliate for unlimited income!

Where We Are Going…The virtual experience is “REAL” and the Virtual Age is here! We look at the endless possibilities to grow the presence and Virtual Real Estate of our members! Locally, Nation Wide and Globally! Within the US, Utah is just one of 50 States that will be connecting to the Global-InterDirect! Opportunities for membership and affiliate membership is world wide!

Memberships for any budget are available! Free or a Premium Membership starts at just $199.00 per year! You determine the membership right for you, your family or your business! If you want to grow your listing to a landing page or a full website, we can meet to discuss your needs . We are here to help you establish your Virtual Real Estate Portfolio, social media presence, a web site or landing page. We are here to compliment what you have already established, not replace it!

Everything you do now is for your future! Knowledge is power and with GET REAL UTAH we bring you more than a directory! We bring you great sites providing local, national and world wide news for your business, as well as entrepreneur and leadership tools. And we have not forgotten Real Resources; links to help you in any situation! We bring professionals, communities and families together! We develop Virtual Real Estate and your virtual presence!

Your first step is to connect with others through “THE REAL DIRECTORY” as an individual, family or business!  Establishing and growing a Virtual Property and Presence, has never been easier or more ESSENTIAL!

-At home in your PJ’s or in an office, remember…. Everything REAL is connected and Real connection Is Everything!



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